GT LINE Ethik-Kodex

The Ethical Code identifies ethical principles and values that inspire GT Line, beyond and regardless of what is required by law, as well as the conduct and behaviour of those who work both inside and outside the corporate organization.


GT Line has always stood out for its adoption of business conducts that are based on transparency, integrity and correctness. Aware of the importance that environmental, health, work safety issues and respect for the individual personality may have in the conduct of business, partly also carried out cross-border, the company retains that its primary responsibility is to guarantee standards of conduct aimed at protecting the health and safety at work of all employees, whether direct or indirect, the environment and respect for people working in it and anyone who comes into contact with plants, products and properties of GT Line.
The above-mentioned aspects reveal not only which legal requirements are to be complied with, but represent a cultural value of the organization and individual that works in GT Line.
For this reason, GT Line, through the preparation of an Ethical Code, has sought to develop a motivational approach, create awareness and commitment at all levels of the organization and consequently favour the development of a conscious, transparent, responsible and safe behaviour. The knowledge and observance of the Ethical Code by everyone who works for GT Line are therefore essential conditions for the transparency and reputation of the company.


The principles and provisions of this Ethical Code are binding for the following recipients:

- The Administrative Body, considered collectively of GT Line, in the pursuit of the company purpose in all decisions adopted;
- The individual members of the Board of Directors, in the pursuit of the company purpose in all decisions adopted;
- All employees and collaborators with whom contractual relations are held, of any capacity, even occasional and/or temporary;
- All customers, suppliers and partners that hold onerous relations or even free of any type of nature with the companies of the group.

The company guarantees the dissemination of the principles stated in the Ethical Code among all the recipients and among those with whom it has business relations, requiring the awareness and respect of the rules within it.

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